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FWI now The only Approved Learning Partner in Calicut FWI is now ranked ALP-Gold by ACCA. ACCA's Approved Learning Partner (ALP) programme gives formal recognition to leading learning providers for the quality tuition and support that they offer to our students. It is the platform where we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the global availability of effective and innovative course delivery and first-class student support. The ALP recognition makes FWI the only Approved learning partner of ACCA in Calicut. The ACCA ALP Accreditation ceremony will be held in ISDC headquarters, Bangalore where Mr. Alan Hatfield, ACCA's Executive Director for strategy and development will be handing over the ALP licence to Mr.Rizwan Ali, Head of Operations at FWI on February 23 2017. #acca #cma
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CMA Tuition in calicut
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ACCA - United Kingdom and Ireland ================================ The ACCA or Chartered Certified Accountant qualification is fully recognised in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. 1) Under its Charter, ACCA works in the public interest. 2) It is a Designated Professional Body under the Financial Services and Markets Act, business activities. 3) It is a Recognised Professional Body under the Insolvency Act to issue permits to individual Chartered Certified Accountants to conduct insolvency appointments. 4)It is also a Recognised Qualifying Body and Recognised Supervisory Body in relation to company auditing under the Companies Act of 1989. 5) ACCA is a member of the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB). Members of these bodies are deemed to hold equivalent-level qualifications and advertisements for jobs often state that an organisation is looking for a CCAB-qualified individual. 6)Full members of CCAB organisations including ACCA could apply for ICAEW membership subject to certain criteria. 7) Only ACCA, ICAEW, ICAS, Association of International Accountants (AIA) and Chartered Accountants Ireland (CA Ireland) are able to authorise members to conduct audit, insolvency and investment business work in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. 8) Outside these countries, legal recognition by government authorities and mutual recognition by equivalent overseas institutes, varies. 9) Where full legal or mutual recognition is not available, ACCA members can sometimes obtain advanced standing in terms of sitting local accountancy examinations. ACCA's strong global reputation may make it unnecessary to acquire a local designation. Similarly, many universities and educational providers recognise ACCA as equivalent to at least a Bachelor's degree in accountancy, for the purpose of obtaining credit towards a local master's degree or an advanced study program. ============================================================ FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL , CALICUT ACCA | CMA ADMISSION CONTINUES FOR THE UPCOMING BATCHES...... FOR ENQUIRY CONTACT : 8330812121 ======================================================== #ACCA #ACCA_SALARY_SCALE #ACCA_PLACEMENTS #ACCA_JOB_OPPORTUNITIES_KERALA #ACCA_SYLLABUS #ACCA_GLOBAL SCOPE #ACCA_COACHING_KOZHIKODE
EFFECTIVE PREPARATION FOR ACCA EXAMS ======================================== Preparing for an exam can be compared to an athlete preparing for a major competition. The performance of an athlete is the culmination of months of dedicated training and so it is for a student who is determined to be successful in an exam. Breaking your training/studying into separate stages helps you focus on the activities that will lead to your goal. It’s important to remain motivated during your study period and, therefore, you should set yourself weekly targets, just as an athlete does with training sessions. The different stages for you as a student include: 1)learning and understanding the full syllabus 2)attempting to apply the syllabus in a number of different contexts, answering questions based on the syllabus 3)revising your approach to improve areas of weakness and build on areas of strength 4)practising exam standard questions. Improving your ability will rely on you using a variety of study techniques. These may include discussion with tutors, students or colleagues, using the student resource area of the ACCA website, writing revision notes, reading examiners’ reports as well as practising exam style questions. Your level of skill will gradually improve and you will become more competent at applying your knowledge in different situations. Like any schedule there will be periods of intensive activity and periods of consolidation. Your timetable should be planned with care, and include sessions that focus on learning as well as others that include practice questions. Completing past exam questions helps you monitor your progress and compare your performance against the standard required. Reflecting on the answers you write, against the answers to questions in study texts will also help you gauge your progress. Additionally, if you attend tuition sessions, your tutor will be giving you feedback. ============================================================== FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL, CALICUT ACCA | CMA ADMISSION CONTINUES FOR THE UPCOMING BATCHES....... FOR ENQUIRY CONTACT : 8330812121 ============================================================ #ACCA #ACCA_SYLLABUS #ACCA_PLACEMENTS #ACCA_TOP_RESULTS_CALICUT #ACCA_COACHING_CALICUT #ACCA_GLOBAL_SCOPE #ACCA_JOB_OPPORTUNITIES_KERALA
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