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There are numerous questions running in the mind of CA Students just before exams and all they seek is the right advice and guidance which can help them with overcoming difficulties during exams. Some of the frequently asked questions while planning for exams 1. Whether I should attend a Crash Course of 10-15 Days and get finished with a particular Subject? First things first….there is a new trend where students are believing that joining a 10-15 days crash course for a particular subject will help them overcoming their difficulties in that subject. Well the bitter truth is attending crash courses at such crucial stage is somewhere affecting your other subjects too. We have to accept the fact that not everyone is born with the same brilliant mind, we have our own differences and it’s completely okay. So just because the crash course did worked out for some student doesn’t mean it will work for you too. So decide wisely. A crash course may provide you the road map but ultimately it’s you who have to brush-up with the subjects. So by depending entirely on crash course somewhere you are putting your attempt in jeopardy. No offense to any coaching institutes but students must believe in themselves as they are the ones who are going to attempt the exams. 2. What do you advice how I should build my Study Strategy? How you prepared for your exams? At this stage students tend to take advice from number of people who have gone through the same phase and people do provide advices as per their experiences. You need to stop doing that as you might get confused with different conflicting advices as not all the fingers are meant to be same. Do take advice but not from each and every single person in your group. Take your advice from the right person, someone on whose advice you can completely rely upon. 3. Which author should I refer for which subjects? Students are referring various authors and different sources of materials for practical and theoretical subjects. The study materials and practice manuals of institute are ignored thinking that the level of questions asked in the various authors are far superior than the institute. There are authors with quality Study materials, I do not deny that But then students fail to understand that there is a reason for every question asked in institute material and having extraordinary knowledge of the subject is of no use if you can’t attempt institute’s questions. So instead of putting extra time and effort on author’s book, do make time and refer institute study material and practice manuals along with RTP’s and Past examination questions. 4. With so limited time left should I appear both the groups or should I focus better only on one Group? Students have been in this confusion whether they should go for both groups or attempt only a single group and that’s where all the frustration begins. As different people come up with different opinions, ultimately we are the ones who ends up messing with our future. Students need to understand the fact that nobody can understand their position better than themselves. So evaluate the time left, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and decide accordingly. Don’t rely on anybody to take your decisions for you. 5.I have been working so hard from the very beginning, I am just done with working any harder, I need a rest for few days, and I’ll cope up with the syllabus after a break of few days. Isn’t it necessary that I should take a break? Revising once, twice or thrice won’t make a difference if you are not in the right state of mind before and during exams. The real game begins 15 days before and 15 days during the exam. No matter how hard you worked if you fumble during this period of 30 days, well then as they say it’s only your luck that might help you clear your exams. This is the reason why it is suggested to have a good night’s sleep of at least 6 hours during exams. But that doesn’t mean you should take a break of few days at such a stage. You have already worked so hard so if you fumble at this stage then all your hard work will be for nothing. There has been instances where people have been on study leave of 6 months and didn’t clear the exams and there has been cases where people with a study leave of only 3 months cleared on their first attempt. Well what was the reason and how he/she cleared in first attempt even having so much less time to prepare. The answer is the “Quality”. Don’t run after quantity such as referring thrice before exams, referring various authors etc. Instead focus on quality even if it’s only study material and practice manuals that you are referring. Wishing all the Students Best of Luck in Advance and hope you all take the right decisions in the end. Blessed Be. All the best wishes from Team FWI
EFFECTIVE PREPARATION FOR ACCA EXAMS ======================================== Preparing for an exam can be compared to an athlete preparing for a major competition. The performance of an athlete is the culmination of months of dedicated training and so it is for a student who is determined to be successful in an exam. Breaking your training/studying into separate stages helps you focus on the activities that will lead to your goal. It’s important to remain motivated during your study period and, therefore, you should set yourself weekly targets, just as an athlete does with training sessions. The different stages for you as a student include: 1)learning and understanding the full syllabus 2)attempting to apply the syllabus in a number of different contexts, answering questions based on the syllabus 3)revising your approach to improve areas of weakness and build on areas of strength 4)practising exam standard questions. Improving your ability will rely on you using a variety of study techniques. These may include discussion with tutors, students or colleagues, using the student resource area of the ACCA website, writing revision notes, reading examiners’ reports as well as practising exam style questions. Your level of skill will gradually improve and you will become more competent at applying your knowledge in different situations. Like any schedule there will be periods of intensive activity and periods of consolidation. Your timetable should be planned with care, and include sessions that focus on learning as well as others that include practice questions. Completing past exam questions helps you monitor your progress and compare your performance against the standard required. Reflecting on the answers you write, against the answers to questions in study texts will also help you gauge your progress. Additionally, if you attend tuition sessions, your tutor will be giving you feedback. ============================================================== FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL, CALICUT ACCA | CMA ADMISSION CONTINUES FOR THE UPCOMING BATCHES....... FOR ENQUIRY CONTACT : 8330812121 ============================================================ #ACCA #ACCA_SYLLABUS #ACCA_PLACEMENTS #ACCA_TOP_RESULTS_CALICUT #ACCA_COACHING_CALICUT #ACCA_GLOBAL_SCOPE #ACCA_JOB_OPPORTUNITIES_KERALA
ACCA - Early Revision for Better Score ================================= It doesn’t matter whatever you learn in your classroom, your ability to apply the concepts you have learned will define what you will score in your ACCA exam. Rote learning may not help you pass the ACCA always; you need to find time to absorb, learn, and practice what you are learning. Hence, from now onwards you need to move on from your usual regurgitation in learning and create a strong foundation of what you study in ACCA classes. Finding a good amount of time to revise the topics will help you to perform better in your ACCA exams. It is always advisable to prepare a flexible study plan or calendar well in advance so that you can allot enough time for every topic you need to cover before the exam. Practice Past Question Answers ============================ It is quite natural that you get overwhelmed by the quantity of information you have to learn. Definitely, you should pay attention to the content you need to learn, but at the same time attempt to answer the related questions you may encounter in each part. A lot of question papers are available online for you to download. Get the previous questions and try to answer each type of questions. Practice question answering technique is a lot more helpful than merely focusing on content learning only. Think Like An Examiner ===================== Always keep in mind that the ACCA exam will be based on the prescribed syllabus and papers you need to study. Hence you should familiarise with the right contents as per the syllabus. You need to make sure that you have covered that areas during your revision period. It would also be a good idea to go through the Exam Approach Interview contents on each paper published on ACCA official site to get an insight into the papers from the viewpoint of an examiner. Obviously, these interviews will give you an idea about the examiner’s approach and to understand which areas you need to improve for better scoring. ============================================================ FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL , CALICUT ACCA | CMA ADMISSION CONTINUES FOR THE UPCOMING BATCHES....... FOR ENQUIRY CONTACT : 8330812121 =========================================================== #ACCA #ACCA_GLOBAL_SCOPE #ACCA_TOP_RESULTS_CALICUT #ACCA_PLACEMENTS #ACCA_SYLLABUS #ACCA_PASSRATE #ACCA_JOB_OPPORTUNITIES #ACCA_JOBS_INDIA #ACCA_COACHING_CALICUT
Where will ACCA take me? #################### Taking up ACCA requires effort and devotion of time and to be unsure of what you’d qualify for, after completing the course is a mistake. Thus, as soon as you are done with your ACCA exams you are eligible to take up any of these careers: Chartered Accountant: A Chartered Accountant is one that manages all the accounts of the firms, audits and also takes care of taxation. He is basically an all-rounder. You took up the course to become one and as soon as you pass all the papers you become one. You are free to practice it from home or join a firm or set up your own firm. You have been certified and accepted as one of the most prestigious and respected Chartered accountant of all time. An accountant is a designation no one can steal from you now! Financial Accountant: A financial accountant’s job is to manage accounts and all the financial incomes and outcomes of a company along with advising the firm on finance related topics. Accountancy is on the tips of your hands and using them in the financial sphere is a great opportunity to enhance your career. Once you are done with the ACCA you can apply and take up financial accountancy designating yourself as a financial accountant. Auditor: An auditor goes through the made accounts and the balance sheets of a company and reviews it for any mistake. He is like an editor of accounts. He too has to act as an investigator so as to try and find the smallest of mistake. After solving gazillion questions on auditing you are more than good enough to become an auditor, irrespective of being an internal auditor or an external auditor. The ACCA anyway trains you and specialises in auditing so any job that does not require you to audit (except signing off documents) is not for you. Management Consultant: A person who works as a management consultant aims at solving the management problems or any other existing problem in the firm. It advices and gives his suggestion on important matters in the firm. He acts as an answer to all problems. The firm seek its advice while formulating the plan for the company. After utilising your intelligence and intellect to such a high level, you are eligible to become a consultant. You can depart knowledge and help people decide what is good for them. Management being an important section of your ACCA course, you can now pursue consultancy as a job. Tax Consultant: A tax Consultant deals with matters related to corporate tax and other types of taxes are taken to him. He coordinates all the matters relating to taxes and subsidies along with all government related matter. Tax is a vital section of the whole program and to not specialise in it would be a blunder by the candidates that enjoy taxation. You can easily become a tax consultant, work with MNC’s or SME’s and build a great future using taxation as the base. ################################################## FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL , CALICUT ACCA | CMA ADMISSION FOR UPCOMING BATCHES CONTINUES..... FOR ADMISSION CONTACT :8330812121 ######################################### #ACCA #ACCA_CALICUT #ACCA_COACHING_INSTITUTES_CALICUT #ACCA_SCOPE_INDIA #ACCA_JOB_OPPORTUNITIES #ACCA_GLOBAL_SCOPE #ACCA_FEE_STRUCTURE
ACCA Job Opportunities in India ============================= Though it really depends on the ACCA himself or herself, there are numerous career options once the qualification is over. As the qualification itself requires a professional work experience of 3 years, the ACCA can either resume their jobs at the companies they choose to work for in that tenure or go for the corporate jobs or private consulting etc. *)The ACCA can secure a job in consulting, advising, fund management and taxation etc abroad such as USA, UK, Dubai and Singapore. *) Financial or consulting job in the top-level MNCs. *) Starting your own business for advising, consulting, tax filing etc can be another career option for the ACCA. *) In case you wish to complete another program in Masters and pursue teaching etc in the field, you can do that as well. =========================================================== FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL CALICUT ACCA | CMA ADMISSION CONTINUES FOR THE UPCOMING BATCHES.... FOR ENQUIRY CONTACT : 8330812121 ============================================================= #ACCA #ACCA_GLOBAL_SCOPE #ACCA_JOB_OPPORTUNITIES #ACCA_TOP_RESULTS_CALICUT #ACCA_PLACEMENTS #ACCA_COACHING_CALICUT
Dear Aspirates! Greetings from FWI. The one and only approved learning partner of ACCA in calicut. ICAI scheduled 2017 December attempt on 17 December 2017 which means you have very less time left to make yourself perfectly ready for the examination.This time the competition is going to be tough and with the time left, you must throw yourself into full-on active mode. This one month is very intense and might be hectic and stressful because you have so many things to cover. But your IPCC seniors say this one month changed their life stream forever. Let’s quickly find out what mantras can make you their successor in CA CPT examination. Mantra#1 Having the grit to excel “Grit is the Stubborn refusal to quit” Grit is the combination of passion and perseverance that defines high achievers. Success requires being deeply interested in what you are doing. You need to have the grit to excel in the exam and to keep your dream alive by working for it.”Yes, I want to become a Chartered accountant and I will really work hard for it from now on wards.” If you think like this and apply in your real life, only then continue reading the following mantras. If you have the grit to excel then you can easily clear the CA CPT exam in one month. Mantra#2 Know all about CA CPT exam “Know it before you do it” The first step for starting the preparation for CA CPT exam is know all about the CA CPT exam pattern and CA CPT syllabus. CA CPT exam is a test of four subjects i.e Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. The test is of total 200 marks. The test is divided into two sessions of two hours each. CA CPT exam is an objective type test with negative marking. Candidate required minimum 30% marks in each individual subjects and 50% in aggregate for passing the exam. Knowing all about the exam will help you to set the goal for preparing the exam in one month. Mantra#3 Have a Smart Study Plan “A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish” I am a firm believer that you do not need to study long hours for preparing the CA CPT exam. It does not matter how many hours you study, at the end of the preparation what matters is how much you have understood and grasped from what you study. Therefore, always focus on the quality of the study, not on the quantity of study. I normally studied for 5-6 hours without leaving the single day, says Archit Agarwal student who secured 195 marks in CPT June 2017 exam. The CA CPT exam preparation routine required a lot of self Discipline and a smart time management skills. There is no other shortcut to score the good marks in the CA CPT examination. Schedule your every day of on month according to your goal or syllabus to complete the preparation in one month. Mantra#4 Do More and More Practice “Practice creates Confidence, Confidence Empowers You” More you spent time on practicing, more efficient you will have on the examination day. Take the example of Virat Kohli he has made a habit of practicing daily and the more he practices, more efficient he becomes on the ground. How much efforts you put prior to the examination that much efficient you will become on the examination day. Therefore, a serious aspirant who want to score good marks in CA CPT examination required to put in hours and hours of hard work in practicing the subject. Your practice should be focused and appropriate to your syllabus. You should regularly practice subjects through the mock test. Taking online mock test papers is also very effective and popular among students. The mock test helps me to identify my weakness and strengths in the subjects. The mock test also gave me the idea of the actual paper pattern and types of questions I can accept in the main examination, says Archit Agarwal student who secured 195 marks in CPT June 2017 exam. Mantra#5 Keep Yourself Cool “Keep Calm and Stay Cool” Don’t panic, if you feel stress during exam preparation because it’s natural. During stressed negative thoughts about your preparation coming in your mind. These type of negative thinking would not help you for preparing the exam. There would be always a temptation in our mind which is in favor of giving up the journey, as you progress in the preparation. This is mainly because of the huge pressure of the examination. So always aware that these moments are very crucial for our preparation. You have to develop the courage to face these pressures and temptations. Always be cool minded, and don’t be anxious about your upcoming one-month preparation process. If you maintain focus towards studies and do not be worry about exam preparation then you can easily get the good marks in CA CPT exam in one month. Follow above the success mantras and the success is in your hands
What is Cost and Accountant Management ( CMA ) Course???? The CMA foundation exam is conducted across the country every year in June and December to those who have completed 10+2. The Syllabus and Examination Pattern of CMA ################################## Paper I (100 marks): Fundamentals of economics (50 marks) and management (50 marks) Paper II (100 marks): Fundamental of financial accounting (60 marks) and fundamentals of cost and financial management (40 marks) Paper III (100 marks): Fundamentals of commercial laws (70 marks), fundamentals of industrial laws (20 marks), and fundamentals of ethics (10 marks). Paper IV (100 marks): Fundamentals of business mathematics (40 marks), fundamentals of business statistics (60 marks). All these papers are conducted for a total of 400 marks. All papers with the questions in objective model are conducted on the same day. In this exam one need to get at least 50% (200 marks) or more than that. Only those shall be declared as passed out in the foundation exam. CMA-Intermediate ############## Those who have done CMA foundation course / degree completed /CAIPCC completed are all eligible to write the CMA intermediate examination after one year of registration for the CMA intermediate. In the CMA Intermediate total 8 papers are divided into two groups. Papers in group I : Financial accounting, laws, ethics and governance, direct taxation, cost accounting and financial management. Papers in group II: Operations management and information system, cost management accountancy, indirect taxation, company accounts and audit. In the above every paper carries 100 marks. According to the comfort of the candidates they can either write the two groups means 8 papers at a time or else choose to write one group and the other one after 6 months. In every paper one should get at least 40 marks for the 100 marks and also in the same way an average of 50 percent marks on the total papers have to be achieved. In case if one writes both the groups at the same time then they should get average 50 percent marks on both the groups (400 marks) shall only be considered as qualified in the CMA intermediate. CMA Final ######## CMA final is conducted as two groups Group 3 and Group 4. If 2 years article ship has been completed then both the groups can be written at the same time. In the final group 3 there are papers on corporate laws and complaints, advanced financial management, business strategy and strategy cost management, tax management and practice. In the group 4 final paper there are topics like strategic performance management, corporate financial reporting, cost and management audit, financial analysis and business valuation. In these entire 8 papers one should get 50% marks without less than 40 marks in any of the papers being conducted for 100 marks. The CMA final can also be completed according to the candidate’s comfort either writing all the 8 papers at a time or writing one paper and the other paper after 6 months time. Those who have completed CMA final should also complete the computer training offered by the institute to be considered as the qualified cost accountant. Examinations for all the stages in CMA course are conducted in the months of June and December every year which means two times in a year. So for any stage in the CMA course to write the exam in June then the fees should be paid before April 10 and for writing in December fee has to be paid before October 10th. ################################################### FWI - THE FINANCE SCHOOL CALICUT CMA | ACCA FOR ENQUIRY : 8330812121 ################################################### #CMA #CMA_FOUNDATION #CMA_INTERMEDIATE #CMA_FINAL #COST_ACCOUNTANT #CMA_INSTITUTES_CALICUT #SCOPE_OF_CMA_INDIA