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First Word International, FWI-The finance School, is the one and only approved learning partner partner(Gold) providing ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) classes in calicut. FWI is the best learning provider fro ACCA training. FWI is situated at the heart of calicut city in Arya Vaidya Sala Building, near railway station, Kallai road, Calicut. FWI is well known for its quality education provided by the well qualified faculty panel. At FWI the fees for ACCA is only Rs 2.6 Lakhs including all fees. There are no extra or hidden fees in this. This include ACCA one time Registration Fees , 3 Years Annual Subscription Fees, 14 paper One time Exam Fees And 14 Paper Coaching fees. ACCA introduced ISDCDirect Scheme in india in 2016. Under this scheme, ACCA has selected one Approved learning partner in each city based on the quality of education provided with an objective of making ACCA Studies affordable and accessible to all. Under this Scheme Best ACCA coaching is provided with all support from ACCA with Best Learning materials, at an affordable fees. Under the scheme FWI is the exclusive learning partner providing ACCA at a discounted rate for limited number of seats. The admission for ACCA under the scheme is open from 2nd April 2018. The number of seats is limited to 170 for academic year 2018-19. The fees inclusive of GST under ISDCDIrect Scheme including all ACCA Fees and Coaching Fees is only 2.7 Lakh.
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ACCA Admissions 2017/18 -ISDCDirect Scheme ACCA Admissions for Academic Session 2017/18 has started. The ISDCDirect Scheme enable the student to learn ACCA with an affordable and flexible fee structure while ensuring the high standard, Quality and facilities. First Word International is the only Approved learning partner of ACCA in Calicut.
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Dear Aspirates! Greetings from FWI. The one and only approved learning partner of ACCA in calicut. ICAI scheduled 2017 December attempt on 17 December 2017 which means you have very less time left to make yourself perfectly ready for the examination.This time the competition is going to be tough and with the time left, you must throw yourself into full-on active mode. This one month is very intense and might be hectic and stressful because you have so many things to cover. But your IPCC seniors say this one month changed their life stream forever. Let’s quickly find out what mantras can make you their successor in CA CPT examination. Mantra#1 Having the grit to excel “Grit is the Stubborn refusal to quit” Grit is the combination of passion and perseverance that defines high achievers. Success requires being deeply interested in what you are doing. You need to have the grit to excel in the exam and to keep your dream alive by working for it.”Yes, I want to become a Chartered accountant and I will really work hard for it from now on wards.” If you think like this and apply in your real life, only then continue reading the following mantras. If you have the grit to excel then you can easily clear the CA CPT exam in one month. Mantra#2 Know all about CA CPT exam “Know it before you do it” The first step for starting the preparation for CA CPT exam is know all about the CA CPT exam pattern and CA CPT syllabus. CA CPT exam is a test of four subjects i.e Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. The test is of total 200 marks. The test is divided into two sessions of two hours each. CA CPT exam is an objective type test with negative marking. Candidate required minimum 30% marks in each individual subjects and 50% in aggregate for passing the exam. Knowing all about the exam will help you to set the goal for preparing the exam in one month. Mantra#3 Have a Smart Study Plan “A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish” I am a firm believer that you do not need to study long hours for preparing the CA CPT exam. It does not matter how many hours you study, at the end of the preparation what matters is how much you have understood and grasped from what you study. Therefore, always focus on the quality of the study, not on the quantity of study. I normally studied for 5-6 hours without leaving the single day, says Archit Agarwal student who secured 195 marks in CPT June 2017 exam. The CA CPT exam preparation routine required a lot of self Discipline and a smart time management skills. There is no other shortcut to score the good marks in the CA CPT examination. Schedule your every day of on month according to your goal or syllabus to complete the preparation in one month. Mantra#4 Do More and More Practice “Practice creates Confidence, Confidence Empowers You” More you spent time on practicing, more efficient you will have on the examination day. Take the example of Virat Kohli he has made a habit of practicing daily and the more he practices, more efficient he becomes on the ground. How much efforts you put prior to the examination that much efficient you will become on the examination day. Therefore, a serious aspirant who want to score good marks in CA CPT examination required to put in hours and hours of hard work in practicing the subject. Your practice should be focused and appropriate to your syllabus. You should regularly practice subjects through the mock test. Taking online mock test papers is also very effective and popular among students. The mock test helps me to identify my weakness and strengths in the subjects. The mock test also gave me the idea of the actual paper pattern and types of questions I can accept in the main examination, says Archit Agarwal student who secured 195 marks in CPT June 2017 exam. Mantra#5 Keep Yourself Cool “Keep Calm and Stay Cool” Don’t panic, if you feel stress during exam preparation because it’s natural. During stressed negative thoughts about your preparation coming in your mind. These type of negative thinking would not help you for preparing the exam. There would be always a temptation in our mind which is in favor of giving up the journey, as you progress in the preparation. This is mainly because of the huge pressure of the examination. So always aware that these moments are very crucial for our preparation. You have to develop the courage to face these pressures and temptations. Always be cool minded, and don’t be anxious about your upcoming one-month preparation process. If you maintain focus towards studies and do not be worry about exam preparation then you can easily get the good marks in CA CPT exam in one month. Follow above the success mantras and the success is in your hands